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Akiaco was founded in 1982, we started with enthusiasm, now grown into a mature cosmetics company. From countless trials and feedback, we have found our own way, we have maintained a long-term relationship with our partners. We are the leading childrens toys wholesale factory in China. we can provide OEM/ODM services, we can use your formulations to produce, Akiaco also has the ability to independently research and develop, provide you with unique formulas, deliver on time, and guarantee after-sales serve, realizing one-stop service. No matter what kind of service, we will do our best to satisfy you. As long as it is your demand, we will strive to realize it, learn more, and choose your best fit.

OEM process

Akiaco has rich experience in kids makeup sets.  We can catch up with the latest trends in the market and guide your products to keep up with the market trends in time.  We can redesign or directly use your existing logo, which can greatly reduce the time spent on product production.

We pursue perfection, and we strive to be better in all steps of production, from raw material management to formula production, packaging customization, we will standardize management in every step of manufacture, which means that we can guarantee the quality of the goods and they will be delivered to you on time.

Akiaco’s OEM service provides ready-made formulas, and we will also provide exquisitely designed packaging styles, customized your exclusive logos and packaging, to reduce production costs, save your product preparation time, and take the lead in the market.

Childrens Toys Wholesale

ODM process

Akiaco currently has an R&D team of 10 experienced scientists to develop new formulas for you, we also have professional designers to design product packaging, which can meet the different needs and packaging forms of clients. We will treat all of you equally, no matter it is a start-up Whether it is an enterprise or a considerable scale, we can wholeheartedly provide services for your own brand. We have advanced equipment, productivity reaches 3,000,000 pcs per month to ensure on-time delivery. Also to make sure that our childrens toys wholesale business smoothly.

Akiaco’s ODM process can give you the ultimate service, high-quality product design, help you have exclusive products for your brand. We always stand on the customer’s point of view and actively think, so as to provide our clients with new solutions, solve problems they have met, make further progress, to make our customers more satisfied.

Childrens Toys Wholesale

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