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Cosmetic Company Founder
Chairman and Founder of Akiaco


Jackson, the president and founder of Akiaco, was born in Hong Kong. Growing up in a major global financial center and one of the most developed cities in the world, Jackson has cultivated a business mindset since childhood.
When the Chinese started their reform and opening-up policy in the 1980s and increased the rank of China's export in the world year by year, Jackson and his partners were determined to seize the opportunity and establish the prototype of Akiaco. Uphold the spirit of tolerance and self-breakthrough, he has joined efforts with the founding shareholders to develop the start-up company into nowadays integrated industry and trade enterprise.
Akiaco has come a long way and grown to a new peak step by step in the beauty industry. Up to now, under Jackson’s leadership, more than 200 people in the whole company are working together towards a common goal—to be a leading company in the beauty industry.

CEO of Akiaco

Moon Chan

Moon chan is the outstanding CEO of Akiaco. As a professional manager, Moon could have directly taken office as the production director upon her arrival. But Moon believed that the fastest way to integrate into the enterprise is to start from the grass-roots level, so she chose to enter Akiaco as a front-line production manager.
Moon had grown up rapidly in kids makeup industry, She led the production teams to overcome difficulties and got Akiaco a larger market share. With this outstanding achievement, Moon was finally unanimously approved by shareholders and was appointed as the CEO of Akiaco in 2016.
After Moon took office, she began to tweak Akiaco’s business model to adapt to the development of the cosmetics market. In terms of production, she opened up cooperation channels for high-quality raw material supply chains at home and abroad; in terms of sales, she established professional sales companies to expand the business which enlarged the market share for Akiaco quickly.
Under Moon’s leadership, Akiaco has broken through so many seemingly impossible goals and has gotten closer to the vision of establishing a century-old enterprise.

General Manager of Akiaco

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