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Unleash Your Creative Hairstyle with Our Vibrant Hair Chalk Collection!
Teenager's hair adorned with vibrant Hair Chalk for a unique look.

What Is Hair Chalk?

Hair Chalk is a temporary hair color solution that provides you with a quick, easy, and safe way to bring your hair to colorful life. Whether you’re looking for a unique hairstyle for a special occasion or want to add some creativity to your everyday life, Hair Chalk is perfect for you. It is safe, non-toxic, and suitable for all ages and is a great way to explore the art of hair color.
Hair Chalk offers a wide variety of hair color options, from bright reds to soft pinks, from blues to greens, there’s a color for whatever your style. The most exciting part is that Hair Chalk is temporary, so you can choose a hair color to suit your mood and occasion and then easily remove it when you shampoo.

Welcome To The World Of Akiaco Hair Chalk!

Discover new hair color possibilities in a world of creativity, colorfulness, and entertainment. Hair Chalk is more than just a hair color product, it’s the beginning of a hair color adventure, a canvas to showcase your personality, and a stage to let your imagination run free.
We believe that everyone can be a master of their own hair, that every strand is your paintbrush, that every day is an opportunity to create, and that Hair Chalk offers you an infinite choice of hair colors, from pastel colors to bold imagery, for everyday life and special occasions.
In the world of Hair Chalk, hair color is no longer limited to the norm, creativity is unlimited and beauty is defined by you. Let’s embark on a fun and surprising hair color journey together!
Close-up of Hair Chalk in vibrant colors, ready for creative styling.

Why Choose Akiaco Hair Chalk?

Rainbows bloom in your hair! Try Akiaco Hair Chalk and create show-stopping hairstyles!
Colorful Hair Chalk palette with a spectrum of exciting colors.

Economically Beneficial

Hair Chalk is an affordable hair color option compared to hair dyes and coloring salons, allowing you to enjoy a colorful hairstyle without going over budget.

Child's hands applying temporary Hair Chalk for colorful hair.

Easy To Use

Hair Chalk is usually very easy to use and requires no specialized skills. Users can easily apply color at home or in the salon without extra hassle.

Close-up of Hair Chalk in vibrant colors, ready for creative styling.

Non-toxic & Safe

Most Hair Chalk products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and suitable for all ages, including children. This is a safe hair color option that will not harm your hair or health.

Before-and-after image showcasing the transformative power of Hair Chalk.


Hair Chalk encourages creativity by allowing kids to experiment with different colors and patterns to create personalized hairstyles.

Assortment of Hair Chalk sticks in various shades on a table.

For Every Hair Style​

Whether your hair is curly, straight, long, or short, Hair Chalk can work. It can help you create impressive hairstyles.

Ombre effect created with Hair Chalk, showcasing color blending.


Hair Chalk can be easily applied to hair to add vivid color, while washing out easily after shampooing.

Kids' party hair ideas with Hair Chalk for colorful and fun looks.

Easy To Wash​

Hair Chalk is temporary and can be easily washed out during shampooing. This means users can use different hair colors for different occasions without worrying about color residue.

Stylish hair inspiration using Hair Chalk for unique looks.

Colorful Choices

Hair Chalk offers a wide variety of color choices, from bright red to mysterious purple and even rainbow effects. Kids can choose different colors according to their personal style and moods.

Kids having fun with safe and washable Hair Chalk products.

After-sale Protection

Hair Chalk is temporary and can be easily washed out during shampooing. This means users can use different hair colors for different occasions without worrying about color residue.

Hair Chalk Usage And Tutorials

Materials needed before you start:

  • Hair Chalk stick or powder (you can choose from a variety of colors)
  • A wet towel or spray bottle (to moisten hair)
  • Flat clips or gloves (optional to avoid hand coloring)
  • Mirror
  • Curling irons or straightening irons (depending on the effect you want)

Prepare The Hair

First, make sure your hair is clean, preferably washed and thoroughly dry. If your hair is too dry, lightly dampen it, but not too wet.

Select Hair Chalk Color

Choose the Hair Chalk color you want. You can choose a single color or a combination of colors depending on your hair style and personal preference.

Prepare Hair Chalk

If you are using a Hair Chalk stick, press it gently into your hair. If you are using Hair Chalk powder, pour some powder into a bowl and dip your fingers into the powder.


Apply hair chalk evenly along the length of the hair. Try coloring horizontally or creating a gradient effect on specific sections. You may need to apply more than one color for darker hair to achieve a brighter effect.

Hair Chalk Stereotypes

Use curling irons or straightening irons to style your hair to lock in the color. You can also use a blow dryer to gently dry your hair at a low temperature to help the color adhere better.


Once you are satisfied with the color and effect, you are done! You can use hairspray or hair spray to hold the color in place and make it last.
Kids' party hair ideas with Hair Chalk for colorful and fun looks.


Chalk in hair is temporary and can be easily washed out when washing your hair. Ensure that you wash thoroughly with warm water and shampoo to ensure that your hair is restored to its original condition.

Warmly, Please Take Note

  • If you are concerned about staining your hands, you can wear gloves while using chalk in hair.
  • Chalk in hair works best on light or white hair because the color is easier to see.
  • For longer-lasting results, use a hot tool (such as a curling iron or straightening iron) after applying chalk in hair.

Qualification Certificate Certification

About Kids Hair Chalk FAQ

Kids chalk in hair is a temporary hair coloring tool, usually in powder form, designed for children. It helps kids create rich colored effects in their hair without causing long term hair coloring effects.
We make our kids hair chalks with safe, non-toxic ingredients, and we usually include natural pigments, minerals, and other ingredients that won't harm the hair or scalp. However, it's best for you to read the product instructions before use to make sure your child isn't allergic to any ingredients.
Chalk on hair products are suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults. However, we recommend that it be used on children under the supervision of a parent or adult and avoid using it on young children’s hair.
Chalk in hair is usually a temporary hair color product and the color may fade over time, especially if the hair is washed or exposed to water. We recommend styling with a styling spray or hairspray after application to prolong the longevity of the color.
Chalk it hair is usually easy to clean and can be easily removed with a mild shampoo and water. For lighter colored hair, multiple washes may be required to completely remove the color.
Our chalk on hair products have been tested to be non-damaging to the hair, but we recommend not using Hair Chalk too often to avoid too much disturbance to the hair.
When using chalk on hair, please avoid over scrubbing or over pulling your hair to avoid additional damage. It is a good idea to do a small test of the product before use to ensure there is no allergic reaction.
The price of chalk in hair products depends on factors such as brand, package size, and color selection. Generally, Hair Chalk prices range from a few dollars to tens of dollars. We offer a variety of pricing options to meet the different budgets and needs of our customers.

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