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DIY Kids Makeup

“Kids Makeup DIY Series” is a series of makeup tutorials and creative inspiration designed specifically for kids.
Our goal is to encourage kids to be creative and have fun with makeup while ensuring safety and education.
Adorable Makeup Set for Kids' Creative Playtime.

Why did you choose to create Kids Makeup DIY Series?​

We were inspired by our own personal experiences. We have seen how kids makeup can improve children’s self-esteem, confidence, and creativity. We created the kids makeup looks DIY Series to share this positive experience with as many families as possible.

Whether you’re a parent or a child, we welcome you to join the kids makeup looks DIY Series community as we explore creativity, use your imagination, and build memories. Thank you for your support and let’s create a better tomorrow together!

Akiaco Kids Makeup Background​

We are a group of professionals who love creativity and care about children’s development. We understand that makeup is more than just an expression of beauty, it is also an expression of art and creativity.

In a modern society where children are sometimes subjected to outside standards and pressures, our mission is to provide them with a safe, fun, and creative outlet to express their uniqueness through children’s makeup.

Safe and Washable Kids' Makeup Set for Imaginative Play.

DIY Kids Makeup - Colorful Themes

We can DIY colorful kids makeup looks themes, and here are some fun theme suggestions to inspire kids’ creativity and imagination:

Beautiful Butterfly

Let kids try their hand at creating their own butterfly makeup look, including colorful wings and sparkly eye makeup.

Animal Kingdom

Children can imitate their favorite animals, such as lions, tigers, cats or puppies, to design their own makeup appearance.

Fairytale Kingdom

Using fairy tales as inspiration, kids can try their hand at being their favorite fairy tale character such as Cinderella, Snow White.

Brave Superheroes

Kids can transform into their favorite superhero and use Kids Makeup DIY to create a valiant look.

Holiday Bash

Depending on the holiday, kids can create holiday makeup looks such as Halloween, Christmas, or Easter.

Fairy Fantasy

Create a stunning fairy makeup look that includes radiant eye shadows and sequins.

Interstellar Travel

Explore the universe and create makeup looks of aliens or space explorers, including glowing stars and planetary elements.

Undersea Adventure

Let kids explore the world of the ocean and show off elements of sea life and treasures with DIY makeup looks.

Candy Wonderland

Using colorful cosmetics and candy-themed elements, kids can create sweet Candy Wonderland makeup looks.
Young Girl's Joy with a Kids' Makeup Set

Free Play

Kids are encouraged to give free rein to their creativity and create their own unique makeup look, whether it’s abstract art or dreamy fantasy.

Warmly, Please Take Note

  • These themes can provide children with colorful inspiration for creating makeup, allowing them to let their imaginations run wild and create amazing makeup artwork in a safe environment.
  • We are not just limited to the above DIY themes, any DIY ideas can be customized by contacting me!

Our Values

Colorful Kids' Makeup Set with Safe and Non-Toxic Products.

Safety First

We strongly believe that children’s makeup should be safe. We only recommend the use of tested, non-hazardous makeup products and materials.
Children's Cosmetic Kit: Exploring Fun with a Kids' Makeup Set.

Creativity Encouraged

We believe that creativity is the key to children’s development. Our collections are designed to inspire and nurture children’s creative thinking.
Assortment of Playful Makeup for Kids in a Makeup Set.

Family Fun

We encourage families to participate in makeup activities together to promote parent-child interaction and fun times.

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