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ODM Service

Welcome to our ODM service page; we provide you with innovative and high-quality ODM services for children’s cosmetics. ODM, Original Design Manufacturing, stands for our full range of services throughout the entire product lifecycle, from the initial concept to the delivery of the final product, bringing together our rich experience and the wisdom of our professional team.
Choosing our ODM service means choosing a partner who works closely with you and is committed to innovation and quality. Together, let’s create unique, eye-catching children’s cosmetics that will energize the market.

OEM Service

Welcome to our OEM service page; we provide professional and reliable OEM service for kids cosmetics. As an OEM, we create unique and high-quality products for our customers with our rich experience and excellent production capacity.
Choosing our OEM services will bring your brand exceptional products and a superior partnership experience. Let’s work together to create compelling children’s cosmetics that bring unique value to the market.
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Customization Service

We offer customization beyond traditional OEM and ODM services to meet the individual needs of our customers for children’s cosmetics. We understand that every brand is unique, so we are committed to offering a wider range of customization options.
Our dedicated and experienced R&D team is able to customize unique formulations to meet our clients' needs. This may involve selecting unique ingredients, adjusting the texture of the product or providing specific benefits to ensure the product matches the uniqueness of the client's brand.
We understand the importance of packaging to a product's image, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of customized packaging design services. We can work closely with our clients on both the design and the choice of materials to ensure that the packaging fits perfectly with the brand image.
For kids cosmetic products, colors and patterns are one of the most essential elements to attract consumers. We can provide customized color formulations to ensure that product colors match the brand identity, as well as assist in the design of unique patterns to make products stand out in the marketplace.
Suppose customers have any other special needs, such as adding unique fragrances, adjusting the touch of the product or other personalized requirements. In that case, we will actively listen and provide specialized customized services to meet their expectations.
Our customized services go beyond the traditional OEM and ODM models to provide customers with more innovative and flexible options. By working closely with our customers to create unique children’s cosmetics, we will bring more market advantages and consumer recognition to the brand.

Production Capacity and Facilities

With advanced and efficient production capacity and facilities, as well as stringent processes, we aim to provide our customers with excellent manufacturing services for children’s cosmetics.
Our production capacity fully meets the needs of projects of different sizes. Whether it's a minor customization or a large-scale production, we have the flexibility to adjust our production lines to ensure that orders are fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner. Our production capacity is designed to meet the flexible needs of our customers in terms of product volume.
Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art production lines and equipment to ensure high-quality manufacturing of our products. This includes automated equipment, modern mixers, filling lines and more to increase production efficiency and reduce the risk of human error.
We utilize advanced processes that are finely designed and monitored at every step of the process, from the receipt of raw materials and warehouse management to production and packaging. We focus on continuous process improvement to ensure product quality, production efficiency and environmental friendliness.
We implement strict quality control measures throughout the production process. From incoming inspection of raw materials to quality control on the production line and inspection of the final product, we ensure that every step of the way meets high standards in order to fulfil our customers' quality expectations.
Our focus on sustainability has led us to use environmentally friendly materials and advanced energy-saving technologies in our production facilities. We strive to reduce waste and energy consumption to minimize our impact on the environment.
Our production scheduling system is highly flexible and able to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes. This helps to ensure timely delivery and meet customer requirements for time-to-market.
With these state-of-the-art production capabilities and facilities, we provide our customers with a reliable partner to ensure that their children’s cosmetic projects are completed with the highest level of quality, efficiency and innovation.

Quality Control​

We are committed to ensuring that each of our children’s cosmetic products meets the highest quality standards to provide our customers with safe, reliable and high-quality products.
We conduct a variety of tests in our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, including raw material testing, composition analysis, and stability testing. These tests ensure that the raw materials used meet standards and that the products remain stable under various conditions.
Before raw materials enter the production line, we carry out rigorous raw material testing to ensure their purity, quality and compliance with relevant regulations. Only raw materials that pass the test can be used in production.
We implement strict control measures throughout the production process. Each stage of production has monitoring of process parameters and quality control steps to ensure that the product meets quality standards at all stages.
Our quality control steps cover all aspects of our products, including appearance, dimensions, formulation accuracy, packaging integrity and more. This ensures that every product meets the high-quality standards we set.
Our focus on sustainability has led us to use environmentally friendly materials and advanced energy-saving technologies in our production facilities. We strive to reduce waste and energy consumption to minimize our impact on the environment.
We use a lot sampling method and conduct thorough testing on each lot of products. The number of samples and the sampling process are adjusted according to the type and specifications of the product to ensure that the test results are representative.
We conduct comprehensive safety and allergy testing to ensure that our products are safe for the user's skin and body. This includes skin irritation tests, eye irritation tests and more.
We strictly follow relevant regulations and standards to ensure product compliance. We hold relevant certifications and qualifications to demonstrate that our products comply with industry and regional regulatory requirements.
Through this series of stringent quality control standards and processes, we ensure that every product is of high quality, safe and reliable and meets the expectations of our customers and the market. Our commitment is to provide our customers with exceptional children’s cosmetics and to ensure that they are competitive and reputable in the marketplace.

Compliance and Certifications

Our company strictly adheres to the regulatory standards of the children’s cosmetic industry and strives to ensure that our products comply with relevant regulations and safety standards during the design, production and distribution process.
Our manufacturing process for children's cosmetics complies with international and local cosmetic regulatory standards. We closely monitor and follow the regulations of each country and region to ensure product safety and compliance.
We pay particular attention to children's product safety regulations to ensure that our children's cosmetics comply with the relevant regulations. This includes restrictions on ingredients, product testing, and packaging and labelling compliance.
Our company is actively obtaining relevant certifications and qualifications to prove the compliance and high quality of our products. Possible certifications include, but are not limited to, ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics), FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) certification, European Cosmetic Regulation certification, etc.
We conduct comprehensive product testing and inspection to ensure that our products comply with various regulatory requirements. This may include laboratory testing, stability testing, safety testing, animal-free testing, etc., to verify product quality and safety.
We regularly review and update our compliance standards to ensure that our products always meet the latest industry and regulatory requirements. We closely monitor changes in regulations and take timely action to ensure compliance.
We provide transparent disclosure so that our customers are aware of the regulatory standards that our products meet. This includes providing clear labelling, product information, and possibly certification marks on product packaging.
Through these compliance and certification practices, we aim to provide our customers with peace of mind about their children’s cosmetics and build a trusted brand image. We understand that compliance is the cornerstone of our product’s success, so we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of regulation and safety.

Environmental and Sustainability Practices

We understand the importance of environmental protection and sustainability for today’s consumers and businesses, so we actively engage in a range of practices to focus on the environment and ensure that our children’s cosmetic production minimizes its impact on the planet.
We are committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging materials such as recyclable materials and cardboard. We strive to minimize the use of excessive packaging and encourage our customers to choose environmentally friendly packaging options.
We implement effective waste management programs to reduce the generation of waste and gradually shift waste towards recycling and reuse. We also employ energy-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption in our manufacturing processes.

We choose sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials wherever possible. This includes the use of renewable resources, as well as avoiding the use of environmentally harmful chemicals as much as possible. We work with our suppliers to ensure that their raw materials also meet our sustainability standards.

We minimize the environmental burden of our production by introducing more environmentally friendly production processes, reducing the use of chemicals, optimizing production lines and implementing cleaner production methods.
We actively participate in and support various environmental initiatives and programs aimed at promoting environmental sustainability. This may include participation in tree planting activities, support for environmental protection organizations, and initiatives to promote sustainable development in the industry.
We are committed to raising the environmental awareness of our employees and customers through training and educational programs to make them more aware of the importance of environmental protection and to encourage the adoption of sustainable living and business practices.
Through these environmental and sustainability practices, we seek to be an environmental leader in the children’s cosmetics industry. We believe that by focusing on environmental issues, we not only provide high-quality products to our customers but also create a better future for the planet.
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