OEM Process

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OEM Service

We are a professional manufacturer in the field of children’s cosmetics, providing high-quality OEM services with our rich experience and excellent professional team.
Whether your needs are for unique product designs, personalized formulations, or innovative packaging, we can meet and exceed your expectations. Work with us to create unique and eye-catching children’s cosmetics that will give your brand more creativity and market competitiveness.

Collaboration Process and Communication


Demand Negotiation

Understand your demand for products (such as sales channels, order quantity…etc.), and plan exclusive product solutions for you.


Provide Quotation

Provide quotations on selected items and designs.


Product Development

Discuss development details such as: packaging material, formula selection, color selection, packaging method and printing design, etc.


Order Establishment And Payment Of Deposit

After confirming the order and paying the deposit.


Sample Confirmation Before Mass Production

Provide sample confirmation, after confirmation, it will be regarded as mass production standard.


Mass Production

Entered into the cosmetic GMP manufacturing process


Quality Inspection

Strict inspection is carried out before shipment to ensure the quality is correct.


Pay the Balance and Ship the Goods

Send out a notice of completion, and ask the customer to pay the balance before shipment, and then arrange the shipment.

Service Advantages and Features

We offer customized formulations designed to meet customer-specific product needs. Whether you are looking for special effects or unique ingredients, our R&D team will customize a one-of-a-kind product for you.
Our production capacity is flexible and can be quickly adapted to the needs of our customers. Whether it is a small trial run or a large production run, we are able to provide efficient and reliable production services.
Our focus on rapid delivery ensures that our customers are able to launch new products in the market quickly. Our efficient manufacturing processes and agile supply chain management enable us to meet our customers' requirements for rapid time-to-market.
We have a specialized R&D team that closely follows the latest trends and innovations in the field of children's cosmetics. Customers working with us will benefit from our expertise and market insights.
We not only provide standard OEM services but also support a more comprehensive range of customization options, including personalized packaging design, custom colors and patterns, and other services for special requests.
We strictly enforce quality control standards to ensure that every product meets the highest quality requirements. At the same time, we ensure product compliance with international and local regulatory standards.
We focus on transparent communication with our customers, actively listening to and understanding their needs. We work closely together to ensure that our customers are involved in the product design and production process.
Through these unique advantages and features, we are committed to becoming your preferred OEM service partner in the field of children’s cosmetics.

Customization Capabilities

Our customization capabilities ensure that your childrens cosmetic program is distinctive and a perfect fit for your brand’s vision and market needs.
Our customization services cover a wide range of children's cosmetic products, including, but not limited to, lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, nail polishes, and more. No matter what type of cosmetics you need, we are able to provide a professional, customized solution.
Our clients can customize the colors and scents of their products to ensure that they are consistent with their brand identity. Whether it's a unique color blend or a personalized scent choice, we are able to meet a variety of creative needs of our clients.
We offer flexible packaging customization services, from look and feel to material selection, to ensure that the product packaging fits perfectly with the brand image. We work with our clients to create unique and eye-catching packaging designs.
If you have special ingredient needs or specific requirements for product efficacy, our R&D team will work with you to customize a formulation that meets your needs. This ensures that your products have superior performance and unique selling points in the marketplace.
Our customization services also include product specification and package size customization. Whether it is a small sample product or a large capacity package, we are able to adjust to meet the needs of different markets.
Our production process is highly flexible, allowing us to adapt our production lines to the varying requirements of customer orders, ensuring that customized production is completed in a timely and efficient manner.
Through these unique advantages and features, we are committed to becoming your preferred OEM service partner in the field of children’s cosmetics.

R&D Team and Technical Support

Our R&D team has a wealth of experience and excellent expertise, focusing on innovation and development in the field of childrens cosmetics.
Our team members have extensive professional experience in the cosmetics and personal care field and are familiar with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. They have in-depth knowledge of the research of new ingredients, formulation development, and product innovation.
We understand that each customer has unique product needs, which is why our R&D team is committed to providing highly customized solutions. Whether it's a special ingredient requirement, a personalized formulation, or an innovative product design, we are able to meet our customers' customized requirements.
Our team keeps abreast of market trends and anticipates emerging market needs through constant industry research and consumer insights. This helps us create products for our customers that are in line with trends and market needs.

In addition to our innovative R&D capabilities, we offer a full range of technical support. Whether it's technical advice on product formulation, optimization of production processes, or the application of new technologies, our team is able to provide professional support to our customers.

We focus on responding quickly to our customers' needs. Our R&D teams work efficiently together to deliver customized solutions quickly, ensuring that our customers can stay ahead of the competition in a highly competitive market.
Through our professional R&D team and comprehensive technical support, we ensure that our customers not only get high-quality children’s cosmetics but also stand out in the market through innovation and personalization.

Production Capacity

With advanced and efficient production capacity and facilities, as well as stringent processes, we aim to provide our customers with superior manufacturing services for childrens cosmetics.
Our production lines are able to cope with a wide range of production needs, from small batches to large-scale production, with daily production volumes that can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs. This flexibility ensures that we can meet the production requirements of our customers for orders of different sizes.
Our production lines are able to cope with a wide range of production needs, from small batches to large-scale production, with daily production volumes that can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs. This flexibility ensures that we can meet our customers' production requirements for orders of different sizes.
We focus on the flexibility of our production process to be able to adapt to rapid changes in market demand. This flexibility is not only in terms of adjusting production schedules but also in terms of product design to ensure that our customers receive personalized and customized services.
Our production capabilities are not limited to standard products, but also include highly customized production. Whether it's a special formulation request from a customer or a personalized package design, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality, customized production services.
We implement efficient supply chain management to ensure timely supply of raw materials and smooth operation of the production process. This helps increase productivity, reduce production costs, and ensure timely delivery of customer orders.
Through these production capacity strengths, we are able to not only meet the various needs of our customers but also provide reliable supply chain support to ensure that our customers remain competitive in a highly competitive market. With our efficient and flexible production capacity, we provide our customers with excellent manufacturing services for children’s cosmetics.

Compliance and Certifications

Our company strictly adheres to the regulatory standards of the children’s cosmetic industry and strives to ensure that our products comply with relevant regulations and safety standards during the design, production and distribution process.
Our manufacturing process for children's cosmetics complies with international and local cosmetic regulatory standards. We closely monitor and follow the regulations of each country and region to ensure product safety and compliance.
We pay particular attention to children's product safety regulations to ensure that our children's cosmetics comply with the relevant regulations. This includes restrictions on ingredients, product testing, and packaging and labelling compliance.
Our company is actively obtaining relevant certifications and qualifications to prove the compliance and high quality of our products. Possible certifications include, but are not limited to, ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics), FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) certification, European Cosmetic Regulation certification, etc.
We conduct comprehensive product testing and inspection to ensure that our products comply with various regulatory requirements. This may include laboratory testing, stability testing, safety testing, animal-free testing, etc., to verify product quality and safety.
We regularly review and update our compliance standards to ensure that our products always meet the latest industry and regulatory requirements. We closely monitor changes in regulations and take timely action to ensure compliance.
We provide transparent disclosure so that our customers are aware of the regulatory standards that our products meet. This includes providing clear labelling, product information, and possibly certification marks on product packaging.
Through these compliance and certification practices, we aim to provide our customers with peace of mind about their children’s cosmetics and build a trusted brand image. We understand that compliance is the cornerstone of our product’s success, so we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of regulation and safety.
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