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All over the world of children have a wonderful day

Akiaco Kids Toys

We vary in culture, background, and age, but concern for children’s growth connects us.

Play is an essential part of childhood, we want give kids all over the world a wonderful day and we will do anything to make it come true. Pretend play lets kids experience a variety of role-play fun, kids can play makeup games with their mom with our makeup kit, tell us their future dreams with our crayons.

Pretend play fosters creativity and curiosity in children. Imaginative play is essential to helping children develop important life skills.

We support OEM/ODM customization, create and bloom your own brand at Akiaco.

Kids Toys

Kids Makeup Series

Made of safe, non-toxic, skin-friendly, high-quality materials, deeply loved by little customers, our kids makeup sets are diversified in style and variety, we can implement the extraordinary private needs of our clients perfectly.

Face Paint

The face paint series is hypoallergenic, washable, easy on with bright colors, the changeable pattern through various combinations, realistic effects, fashion forward for all ages.

Kids Toys

“It’s easy to have a new experience, as long as you make a request, we can do it for you.”

Kids Toys
Kids Toys

Every month we will release new products, to guide our customers to the latest trend in kids toys, and to show our research and development strength in kids product. Come and find your needs, or we can create a new one for you.

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