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Providing more unique and exclusive Nail Polish products.
Kid Nail Polish: Fun and vibrant nail art for children.

Imaginative Creativity

We offer customized color options, where customers can choose a specific color blend based on their preferences or specific needs.
Provide personalized packaging design, can design exclusive packaging appearance according to customer requirements, such as special patterns, printing or Logo customization.

About Akiaco Nail Polish

Our Nail Polish range is renowned for its safety, suitability and versatility. Each product undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure that it is harmless and compatible with all skin types.
Whether you are an adult or a child, we offer a wide selection of colors and professional formulas to give your nails a beautiful and long-lasting finish.
Trendy Nails for Kids: Childrens Nail Varnish Sets.

Choose Your Own Color

Vibrant Nail Polish Shades for Kids
  • Classic Red: The timeless color red is always preferred. Whether it’s a deep burgundy, a bright cherry red or a deep ruby, these red collections are suitable for all occasions, from formal to everyday wear.
  • Pink Color Series: Light pink tones, including pink, nude and peach, suitable for daily use, easy to match with different clothing styles, presenting a sense of elegance and gentleness.
  • Bright and Vivid Color Series: Vibrant orange, sunny yellow or bright blue and green bring vitality and a sense of fashion, suitable for those who pursue individuality and unique style.
  • Vintage Color Series: Rich purple, dark brown or vintage grey, showing vintage style and retro charm for lovers of vintage style.
  • Metallic Glitter Color Series: Metallic silver, gold or pearl shell colors bring a sense of luxury and a unique shiny effect for party or special occasion wear.
  • Transparent Color Series: Transparent or semi-transparent polishes that can be applied alone or used as a topcoat to add shine and protection, ideal for creating a natural and fresh nail effect.

Choose What You Want Nail Polish

Non-Toxic Nail Polish Options for Safe Glamour
Playful Nail Polish Hues for Imaginative Nail Art
Stylish Nail Polish Choices for Every Occasion
Kids Nail Polish: Safe and Colorful Nail Designs
Colorful Kids Nail Polish Palette - Safe and Fun.

Akiaco Nail Polish Features and Benefits

Non-toxic Formula

Our Nail Polish products are often formulated without formaldehyde, xylene, parabens and other harmful substances to ensure that they are not harmful to your nails or your health!

Easy To Clean

Our nail polishes are usually formulated to be easy to remove when needed without damaging the surface of your nails.

Suitable for children's skin:

Most of our Nail Polish products are specially designed to work on all ages, including children. We emphasize product safety and compatibility with children’s skin.


Our Face Paint products typically have excellent durability, allowing them to remain vibrant and colorfast for long periods of time at events, showing excellent results.

Rich Color Choices

We offer a diverse selection of colors, including classic colors, fashion trends, and a variety of texture effects, allowing you to choose according to different occasions and moods.

For all skin types:

Our nail polishes are usually suitable for all skin types, whether dry, oily or sensitive.

Manicure Set

Dress down to nails, your style is make up on your mind
Kid makeup magic: From blank canvas to colorful wonder.
Inspiring kid makeup: Unleashing creativity one brushstroke at a time.
Kid makeup adventures: Faces painted with laughter and artistry.

How to use nail polish properly?

Preparation Stage:
  • Make sure your nail surface is clean and dry before you start applying nail polish. You can wash your hands with warm water and then clean the surface of your nails with oil-free nail polish.
Application Steps:
  • Choose the color of your choice and gently shake the nail polish bottle well.
  • Unscrew the cap and gently wipe excess nail polish from the edge of the bottle to avoid over-application.
  • Apply nail polish in a light, even strokes, trying to avoid getting it on the edges of your nails or on your skin.
  • Wait for the first coat of nail polish to dry, then optionally apply a second coat for a more vibrant finish.

Please Note The Importance of Safe Use:

Parental Supervision:

  • It is recommended that a parent or adult supervise and provide guidance when children use nail polish.
  • Especially when used by younger children, parents should assist throughout and ensure proper application.

Avoid Accidental Ingestion and Eye Contact:

  • Children are reminded not to put nail polish or fingers in their mouths to avoid accidental ingestion.
  • If accidentally applied to the eyes or around the mouth, wash thoroughly with warm water immediately.

Moderate Use and Ventilated Environment:

  • When using nail polish, use it in moderation and make sure you use it in a well-ventilated area to reduce the risk of inhaling odors.

Timely Cleaning and Removal:

  • Clean your nail polish promptly after use, you can easily remove nail polish using a special nail polish remover.
  • Avoid keeping nail polish for a long time, especially before going to bed, to avoid discomfort or risk of accidental ingestion.

Qualification Certificate Certification

About Kids Nail Polish FAQ

Our nail polishes typically contain ethyl vinyl acetate, acrylic resins, solvents and pigments. These ingredients are specifically designed to provide a long-lasting, glossy coating effect.
Our nail polish formulas are typically free of harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, xylene, and parabens. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly, non-hazardous products to ensure the health and beauty of your nails.
Our nail polishes are professionally formulated to have a long-lasting finish, often staying beautiful for up to 7-10 days, the exact longevity of which may vary depending on individual lifestyles and the condition of the nails.
Our nail polish is usually suitable for all ages. However, for use on children, adult supervision is recommended and to avoid accidental ingestion.
Our Nail Polish products have been tested for safety and are not harmful to nails. However, frequent or incorrect use may cause some degree of damage to the nails. We recommend giving your nails regular breaks, removing and cleaning them at the right time, and using nail care products to maintain healthy nails.
Before applying Nail Polish, make sure that the nail surface is clean and that grease and moisture have dried thoroughly. When applying, use Base Coat as a base coat to increase durability and protect nails. After application, use Top Coat as a cover coat to increase the brightness and prolong the durability. Avoid frequent exposure to water and take care of your nails after application.
For the most part, our nail polish formulas do not cause irritation to most sensitive skin. However, if you are allergic to or have discomfort with certain ingredients, it is recommended that you have a skin test or consult a medical professional for advice before use.
The price of nail polish products depends on factors such as brand, package size, and color selection. Generally, nail polish prices range from a few dollars to tens of dollars. We offer a variety of pricing options to meet the different budgets and needs of our customers.
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