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We value the partnership with our clients. Our customers span the world. As a professional kids makeup toys wholesaler, we have accumulated rich experience. We have cooperated with more than 300 excellent companies in more than 50 countries. Akiaco is very proud of it. When we work together, we learn from each other, Improve, run with each other, choose the best cooperation plan together, to grow our business. Below are our main partners.

Childrens Toys Wholesale

our partnership

The steps of cooperation are complex and lengthy, and every new communication is a new challenge for us, but Akiaco is always proud to cooperate with you, whether it is a newly established company or a mature enterprise, we will be treated with the same attitude, with an honest and trustworthy spirit of cooperation, and the communication between you and us is open and transparent, which means that there is no deception. We will impress our clients with our unwavering quality. As a leading children’s cosmetics toys wholesaler in China, we attach great importance to maintaining and establishing long-term partnerships.

Akiaco has a manufacturing area spanning over 40000㎡,100,000 cleanliness high standard cosmetics workshops. We provide our scientists with a good working environment with advanced research equipment. The factory has a bright and spacious sample showroom and beautiful hospitality environments. Customers who have visited Akiaco factory will generally decide to conclude a contract with us. From the initial consultation to formula design, product stability testing, packaging material customization, to the final mass production and on-time delivery, we will prove our strength to you with facts.

Our vision is “All over the world of children have a wonderful day”. We believe that innovation, commitment, and mutual respect are the basis for maintaining our long-term cooperation. Let us work together to create our business brilliance. Welcome to inquiry, Akiaco will always welcome you.

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