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Wholesale Kids Toys Cosmetics Manufacturer

Akiaco is a children cosmetics manufacturer, specializing in the production of kids makeup for your private brand, we can provide you with complete service in the market.

Wholesale Kids Toys


We provide OEM, ODM services, we have professional design and R&D scientists, we can help you customize brand-new molding products, reduce your R&D time.

Wholesale Kids Toys

New Arrivals

We release new products every month to provide our clients with the latest trending products in the market

Wholesale Kids Toys

Abundant Category

We have a complete range of children’s cosmetics, including eye shadow, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, face paint, hair chalk, etc. We can manufacture most of the products for kids and provide customized services.

Wholesale Kids Toys


Our playdough series has rich colors and various molds. Our bath bombs are brightly colored and rich in lather.

Wholesale Kids Toys


Low burden, we are confident to get your satisfaction and repurchase.

Wholesale Kids Toys

Our Values


We have independent R&D lab, not all manufacturers have independent R&D capabilities to develop own new products


We have extensive experience in formulations, we can help perfect your product


Not only can we provide excellent formulas, but we can also provide you with the most suitable packaging options


We are keen to provide quality service to every customer


We value productive and long-term relationships with our clients


We work together to deliver great results

Wholesale Kids Toys
Wholesale Kids Toys
Wholesale Kids Toys
Wholesale Kids Toys

Our Sales

Our sales team is professional,  dynamic, patient and efficient.

We are professional wholesale kids toys manufacturer makeup manufacturers, who provide one-on-one exclusive service before sales, and carefully analyze the specific needs of customers; during sales, we will pass on professional business knowledge to customers and carry out sales. Supporting service work; after-sales, we will regularly return visits and follow-up services and strive to get praise from customers. 

We are professional private label kids makeup manufacturers, who pay attention to concern, respect, and understand every customer, provide appropriate and long-term services that meet the changing needs of customers and grow and progress together with customers, which is the direction of our efforts.

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