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Kid Face Paint

Halloween Face Paint

Trick or treat! Joker, Harley Quinn, Ghost, etc. Classic makeup never goes out of style. Akiaco helps you realize the dream of perfect Halloween makeup, we use high-quality raw materials to create outstanding makeup for your Halloween party. Don’t worry about our heavy makeup products, our face painting is suitable for kids, they are all non-toxic and low-irritant. Come and see what we have!

Face Paint

We have a wide range of face paint sets, ranging from small and multi-color collection kits to large sizes, which can meet the occasions of character makeup for family gatherings, as well as large-area body art designs. Come and inquire, Akiaco can inject color into your fun-filled parties.

Face Paint
Face Paint

Face Crayons

Our crayons are used for face painting and body art, of course they can also be used as paintbrushes blooming on paper. They are portable, reusable and suitable for many different scenes. A variety of colors are available. The colors we offer still don’t suit you? Tell us what you want and we will customize it only for you!

Sports Face Paint

FIFA World Cup is near you! Goal!!! Celebrate with strangers around you on the field with football face paint! Are you still sad that you can’t arrive at the scene? It’s okay, you can have the fun of the game at home, paint on Akiaco’s sports face paint, we are all cheering spectators! Come to find the team you support!

Face Paint
Face Paint

Finger Paint

Face painting kits for kids is brilliant! But little ones won’t just use face paint on their faces. All they can touch are new papers. Our finger paints are washable, safe and non-toxic. Don’t worry, even if it’s a mess, our finger paint mark can be easily cleaned up. What else more need to worry about? Children’s happiness is the most important thing!

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