How to make up for children’s stage makeup?

Nowadays, parents pay great attention to the all-round development of their children, like to cultivate their children’s interests and hobbies, and take their children to participate in various children’s activities, such as dancing, runway shows, hosting and other performances, which require children’s stage makeup. Children’s stage makeup is colorful, loved by the majority of parents and children. How to make children’s stage makeup has become a problem that parents are very concerned about.
Children are petite, so they need more conspicuous clothes and makeup to improve their recognition on stage.

Creating captivating children’s stage makeup involves several key steps to ensure a vibrant and enchanting look that suits the performance. Here’s a breakdown of the process:


Start with a clean canvas. Have the child wash their face and tie back their hair. Apply a gentle moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

Base Makeup

Begin by applying a smooth and even foundation using an air cushion. This helps create a flawless base for the rest of the makeup.


Shape the eyebrows according to the child’s facial features. Choose from options like unibrow, willow curved eyebrow, or natural eyebrow shape. Symmetry is key, so consider using eyebrow tools if needed.


Children’s stage makeup often features colorful eyeshadow. Apply vibrant shades to the corners of the eyes for a playful touch. Add a touch of glitter for extra sparkle and incorporate patterns to make the eyes pop with liveliness.


Children’s blush can be more vivid and dramatic to enhance the rosy cheeks. Consider using brighter colors to complement the overall look.


Opt for the red series when choosing lip colors for children’s stage makeup. Highlight the lips with a larger lip shape. You can apply a primer on the upper and lower lips to create the illusion of smaller lips. If the lip shape is small, extend the lip outline slightly to make them stand out.

Neck Makeup

Don’t forget the neck area. Ensure the makeup on the neck matches the child’s face to maintain a consistent skin tone.

Pair the stunning makeup with appropriate costumes to complete the transformation. By blending beautiful makeup with suitable attire, children will become captivating focal points on the stage, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Remember, every child’s face is unique, so adapt these steps to highlight their individual charm and ensure they shine brightly in their performance.

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