Akiaco Kids Non Toxic Peel Off Custom Nail Polish Manufacturers

Model NO.:  58009

Age: 3+

Dimension: 18 x 16 x 3 cm

Factory Certificated: IETP, GMPC, ISO22716, BSCI, SEDEX 4P, WCA audit.

Product certificated: CPSR & EN71 for Euro;  FDA & ASTM for U.S.

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☑OEM, ODM service

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Innovative, impressive, extraordinary, to create your own unique.

A colorful Kids Nail Varnish, perfect for young nail artists.


  • Unleash Creativity: This kids nail polish set offers a colorful selection of colors, allowing kids to be creative and create various nail art. Choose from bright pinks to vibrant blues.
  • Rich Colors: We offer various color choices, allowing children to choose the right color according to their preferences and the occasion’s needs.
  • Promoting Family Harmony: This nail polish can be part of a family activity. It encourages parents and children to paint their nails together, promoting parent-child interaction and maintaining intimacy.
  • Child Friendly Design: Our products’ packaging design and container size take into account the convenience and safety of children’s use. This ensures greater security and comfort during product transportation and use.


  • No Smell: Our nail polish is free of harsh chemical odors, ensuring it will not affect children’s comfort when applied.
  • Long Lasting: Our nail polish formula ensures long-lasting durability so kids can enjoy beautifully painted nails for longer without worrying about the color fading or peeling.
  • Easy To Clean: Easy to clean even for kids, our nail polish is easy to remove. It can be cleaned with regular, non-toxic nail polish remover or mild soap without harming your nails.
  • Fast Drying: Our nail polish formula has fast-drying properties. This means your child can apply it, and it will dry quickly, reducing wait time and making painting nails easier.
Exploring Nail Art Fun with the Kids Makeup Set.
Close-up of Playful Nails with the Kids Makeup Set.

Nail Polish Usage And Tips

  • Preparation: Before applying nail polish, ensure your child’s nails are clean and the surface is grease or dirt-free. 
  • Base Coat Application: Choose a non-hazardous base coat (primer), which helps protect the nails and enhances the adhesion of the nail polish.
  • Nail Polish Application: Choose your favorite nail polish color after the base coat is completely dry. Start applying a thin layer of nail polish in the center of the nail and gently extend it out to the sides.
  • Apply Top Coat Oil: Finally, apply a clear top coat (surface oil) to enhance durability and protect the color from fading.

Nail Polish Color Selection

  • Sun Yellow: A lively and bright sun yellow color that adds a sense of energy and joy.
  • Lawn Green: Fresh lawn green for outdoor activities or spring and summer seasons.
  • Sky Blue: The clear and bright sky blue color lets children feel fresh and free.
  • Cherry Red: Sweet cherry red, suitable for parties and special occasions.
  • Lavender Purple: Light lavender purple color, giving a feeling of tranquility and warmth.
  • Rose Pink: Soft and warm rose pink color, suitable for daily use and little girl’s preference, etc.
A collection of brightly colored nail polish bottles arranged neatly on a pastel-colored background.
Safe and Non-Toxic Kids Makeup Kit for Fun Dress-Up.

Ingredients & Safety

  • No Harmful Ingredients: Our nail polish is made with ingredients free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzophenone, parabens, etc. This ensures that it is safe for kids to use.
  • Natural Formula: Our formula uses natural plant extracts and eco-friendly materials to make the nail polish gentler and not harmful to your child’s nails and skin.
  • No Irritating Odor: Our products do not contain pungent chemical odors, providing children with a more comfortable use experience.
  • Pass Safety Test: Our nail polishes have been rigorously tested for safety and meet the relevant safety standards for children’s toys and cosmetics.


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