How to choose a high-quality kids makeup factory?

How to choose a high-quality kids makeup factory?

Starting a kids makeup brand requires the cooperation of a reliable and quality-assured cosmetic supplier. How to find one? What is the standard? Kids toys cosmetics’ standards and quality requirements are very high, different countries are different standard. Nowadays, many toy factories also carry out kids makeup, but most of the toy factories who do not have strict product quality requirements, and the product production environment is harsh. However, the kids makeup products on the market which do not meet the standards. So how to find suitable and high-quality suppliers from the numerous kids makeup factories?

Factory certification
Kids makeup touch the body or face, so the skin feel of the cosmetics is very important, and they cannot contain toxic substances or allergic substances. Kids makeup must be produced in a sealed, zero-pollution and zero-bacteria environment to better ensure the quality of the products. From the selection of suppliers, we have to strictly audit whether the factory meets the factory inspection and product quality standards.

First of all, we need to check whether the factory has BSCI, GMPC, IETP certification; GMPC certification must ensure that the employees have passed the health inspection, the workshop is free of pollution, and the workshop disinfection equipment is strictly controlled. IETP certification can better allow the factory to carry out standardized management, and In line with international social responsibility.

Secondly, the kids makeup factory WCA, Sedex and other certifications reflect the improvement of the factory’s certification system and the high standard requirements for the factory.

Thirdly, product certification, different countries require different certification standards. Such as European EN71, American Standard ASMT. It is very important to customize different product formulas for different regions and to meet the corresponding quality standards at the same time.

R&D and Design
More and more buyers are going to online e-commerce, and there are more and more patterns of products. When the supplier you choose who can provide you with product design and product content research and development, you should feel extremely happy and relaxed. When customers purchase kids makeup, they will see whether the appearance of the product is a cartoon that their children like, and then try the effect of the product. Therefore, the design of product appearance and content development are very important for you to develop and occupy the market. When choosing a supplier, there is a R&D and design team, which helps to save time for product selection, enhance market competitiveness for you, and increase sales profits.

Quality Control
Whether the quality of the product is good or not, whether it meets the standards of children’s toys and cosmetics, high-quality suppliers will sample the products again during the production and packaging process for quality inspection and provide corresponding quality inspection reports to ensure that large quantities of products can also meet customer’s standard. Therefore, before you confirm and select a supplier, it is essential to inspect the production process of the factory and understand the supplier’s quality control system. Make sure that your suppliers focus on quality and cooperate with you to complete product quality standards, so that your products and brands will be recognized by more sellers and develop for a long time.

The above three points are very important for choosing high-quality kids makeup suppliers. The market competition is huge and the price competition is fierce. However, only products and brands that meet the needs of consumers can develop for a long time only if the quality of products is continuously improved. When you are still wondering how to choose a high-quality supplier, Akiaco is a very reliable supplier. Akiaco is a factory in the cosmetics industry for 40 years, the factory certification system, R&D and design, quality system, pre-sales and after-sales service system, etc., are constantly improving and developing. We have always adhered to providing customers with the most cost-effective products, continuous innovation, and hope to grow and win together with customers.

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