How to distinguish whether the ingredients of kids makeup are harmful to children?

The safety of kids makeup is a paramount concern for conscientious consumers. Generally, opting for reputable brands of kids makeup bought through trusted channels ensures safety. However, as the popularity of kids makeup rises, so do concerns about potential harm. Delving into the specifics of ingredients that might pose risks to children’s well-being can shed light on this matter.

Harmful Ingredients In Make Up Kids:


Preservatives are mainly used to kill bacteria and mold. Preservatives such as benzoic acid and phenoxyethanol may cause allergies, itching, redness, and other harm to children’s skin. The preservative isopropyl p-hydroxybenzoate is also widely used, and this preservative can affect the reproductive system development of children. Many undesirable merchants will continue to use these preservatives in make up kids, and consumers should keep this preservative in mind.


Though serving as a texture enhancer, asbestos is toxic and carcinogenic. It poses significant risks to consumers’ respiratory systems, making its inclusion a grave concern.

Lead and Mercury

These heavy metals are notorious for their toxicity, affecting the nervous systems of both adults and children. Exposure to lead and mercury can lead to severe consequences like dizziness and other health issues.

Ingredients Considered Safe In Make Up Kids:

Fortunately, a plethora of ingredients in make up kids contribute positively to their skin care. Components such as water, glycerin, vitamin E, and aloe vera are all gentle and beneficial.

A Balanced Approach:

Make up kids require a certain amount of time to consume from production to sales. Even if it is sold to consumers, if the product expires too soon, it will not be loved by the majority of consumers. However, the raw materials that are more suitable for kids makeup preservation are polyols, medium carbon chain esters, and so on.

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