Akiaco Private Label Makeup High-quality Gel Moisturizing Blush

Model NO.:  Blush

Dimension: 65*65*22 mm

Gross Weight: 35g

Customization: Logo、Packaging、Graphic, etc

Factory Certificated: IETP, GMPC, ISO22716, BSCI, SEDEX 4P, WCA audit.

Product certificated: CPSR & EN71 for Euro;  FDA & ASTM for U.S.

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Innovative, impressive, extraordinary, to create your own unique.

Close-up of a woman applying peach blush for a natural rosy glow.


  • Silky Texture: Indulge in the luxurious feel of our liquid blush. Its silky texture glides on smoothly, imparting a velvety finish that enhances skin color, leaving it touchably soft.
  • Versatile Shades: From soft pinks to warm corals, our liquid blushes range offers a spectrum of shades suitable for any occasion. 
  • Blush & Contour: Sculpt your face effortlessly with our blushes. Its versatile formula doubles as a contour, allowing you to define your cheekbones and add a touch of warmth to your skin color.
  • Glowing Finish: Infused with subtle shimmer, our blushes adds a luminous touch to your cheeks. Achieve a radiant, glowing complexion that captures the light beautifully.


  • Buildable Coverage: Customize your blushes intensity with our buildable formula. Whether you prefer a soft hint of color or a bold statement, our facial makeup adapts to your desired level of radiance.
  • Long-Lasting Radiance: Our facial makeup are formulated for lasting wear. Enjoy a fresh, flushed look that stays put throughout the day, ensuring you radiate confidence from morning to night.
  • Effortless Application: The included blushes ensures seamless application. Sweep our facial makeup lightly for a natural look or layer for more intensity. Achieve a professional finish with ease.
  • Healthy Radiance: Rich in skin-friendly ingredients, our facial makeup adds color and nourishes your skin. Experience a healthy radiance that comes from within, enhancing your natural beauty.
Blush palette with a range of shades for customizable cheek color.
Happy young woman smiling, her cheeks flushed with a pink blush.

Blush Usage And Tips

  • Prepare Clean Skin: Start with clean, moisturized skin. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face as part of your skincare routine.
  • Find Your Applicator: Use a blush brush or your fingertips for application. A brush offers precision, while fingertips provide a natural, blended effect.
  • Light to Dark: Begin with a light application. You can always add more intensity. Remember, it’s easier to build color than to tone it down.
  • Consider Your Face Shape: Apply facial makeup according to your face shape. For round faces, apply slightly above the apples. For longer faces, focus on the apples to create width.
  • Layer for Depth: If you desire depth, layer a similar or slightly darker blushes tone over the initial application. This creates dimension without appearing heavy.

Blush Color Selection

  • Peachy Keen: A warm peach blush for a subtle, sun-kissed glow. Perfect for a natural daytime look.
  • Rose Petal: A delicate, rosy pink blush, ideal for adding a touch of innocence and charm to your cheeks.
  • Coral Crush: A vibrant coral blush that suits all skin tones, providing a lively pop of color for a fresh skin color.
  • Dusty Rose: A muted, dusty rose blush offering a sophisticated, vintage-inspired flush of color.
  • Golden Apricot: A blend of apricot and golden tones, creating a luminous blush that imparts a radiant, golden-hour glow, etc.
Makeup artist's hand holding a blush brush with soft bristles.
Woman's face with a radiant blush, accentuating her cheekbones.

Ingredients & Safety

  • Premium Ingredients: Our blushes are made with premium skin-friendly ingredients containing natural extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants to ensure a luxuriously moisturized makeup experience.
  • Hypoallergenic Formulation: Our blush is hypoallergenic and rigorously tested by dermatologists, making it safe for sensitive skin. 
  • Non-Comedogenic: Designed to let your skin breathe, our blush is non-comedogenic, preventing clogged pores and allowing your skin to maintain its natural balance.
  • Free From Harmful Chemicals: Our blush is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. We are committed to providing clean beauty options, ensuring your safety and well-being.


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