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We try our best to customise your private label cosmetics. From small entrepreneurs to multinational enterprises, we make sure your goals and dreams are achievable by trusting our capabilities and the skills of our team. These are the most common questions for multinational to start-up businesses that want to start partnering and creating their products with us.
Yes! We Provide one-stop OEM and ODM production services, We are technical custom cosmetic manufacturers and we can produce the products as per your requirements, you can express your ideas to us, we will offer solutions from design to production, from packaging to formulation.
We ensure that transactions are equal and safe, and standardize production. Akiaco guarantees that no customer’s information will be disclosed and no customer’s formula will be resold.
We accept payment by T/T, L/C, Paypal.
It depends on the product. Generally speaking, the preservation period of ordinary cosmetics is 2-3 years, and the preservation period of nail polish is one year. Check the period after opening on packaging for each product.
Our price is not fixed, the price of the product depends on the raw material, formulation, packaging, labeling, product quantity, etc. We support mass customization, and we will provide an estimate after receiving your request. If you want to know more, you can fill in your information in contact us and we will contact you in time.
No, we never and won’t test on animals.
Internally, our laboratory will conduct physical and chemical tests on products such as odor, ph, heavy metals, preservatives, etc. to ensure the quality of our cosmetic products; externally, we have passed GMPC, ISO22716 quality inspections, and obtained relevant certificates.
We know that cosmetics directly act on the body, and their quality and safety can directly affect people’s health. Compared with adults, children’s skin is more delicate and weak, and they are more likely to be harmed by inferior cosmetics. Therefore, in order to avoid Children being harmed by chemical substances. Our children’s cosmetic products are safe, non-toxic, and washable, and have passed relevant international safety certifications to ensure the safety of children.
We have three options to help you produce your product. ODM, these products have been tested for stability and can be used as a benchmark for small changes, such as adding your private label, changing the color of the packaging, etc. OEM, to customize your product, our R&D team will design a new product formula and packaging according to your needs. Product outsourcing. For some products we cannot manufacture in-house, we outsource to our cooperative suppliers.
Yes, we can freely provide you, we just charge the shipping cost.
Of course you can. But if you want to customize the logo, the order quantity needs to meet the MOQ.

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